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Do you need an easy and Patriotic Fundraiser?

It’s simple – earn 13% back on all sales by selling Patriotic Signs, Apparel & Gear. 

How does this work?

We create a unique CODE that is entered upon checkout on our website. 13% of every order associated with that CODE counts towards your Fundraiser. 

How do you promote it?

We’ll print up cards with your unique CODE that you can hand out.  We’ll also email you a template with your CODE that can be emailed out to potential customers. 
You can share your code via social media, during meetings or events or any other form you would like to share the CODE. 

Who Qualifies?

Any organization associated with military, veterans, first responders, law enforcement, fire & rescue, cancer or fundraisers for a good cause are potentially eligibile.  For example:  National Guard Unit Family Support Groups, Rural Fire Departments, Veteran’s Clubs or Associations, a person battling cancer, Gun Clubs, any Service Club with Patriotism or Country as a mission and more.  Please fill out the form below and we will contact you soon.

Project 13